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(Kater Blau / Feines Tier, Amsterdam)

It was Franca’s school bus driver who brought her in touch with electronic music and made her buy her first vinyl’s. That was in1996, at the age of ten. Many years and records later, Franca is loved around the globe for her energetic, creative and groovedriven dj-sets. She knows how to conquer the dancefloor, moving with her audience, listening carefully and always staying threerecords ahead of the crowd, planning how to capture her audience. She maintains a constant level of energy, playing on thefringes of house and techno. It’s no wonder why Franca’s fans give her their undivided attention at each and every show, and withone thrust of her arm to the air, you will remember why you love music and why you love to dance all over again.

Franca was born in Munich, musically-raised in Cologne and now lives in Amsterdam. She is part of the Feines Tier agency, basedin Cologne. She has just recently become a resident Dj at the famous Kater Blau club in Berlin. Also she holds residencies at theFeines Tier and WIR Schwestern parties in Cologne, as well as being part of the Confetteria collective in Amsterdam - The verysame collective that was responsible for the legendary Shoeless Festivals and Alter Ego parties.

After having released on Get Physical Music and With Compliments, together with her colleague Stomax in 2015, Franca went soloin 2017 and has her second solo ep coming up as well as various contributions on other labels this year. Check out Discographyfor more info.