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Mia Kaltes

‍Zürich / Switzerland

(Finefood Records / The Limbiic System Records)

Mia Kaltes, a Swiss-Italian DJ and producer, has been performing in a variety of clubs, festivals and other events in Europe since 2004. “Making people dance and offering them a place to escape to, is what makes me tick” For her, music is very specific in different moments, so she never limits herself to only one kind of musical style. Her guiding principle “Escape Through Music” is all about vibrations. And music is the remedy. For everybody.A confident DJ who has learned to master the dancefloor. You feel her love for music in every one of her sets. She can feel what people want and need in a particular moment and she is always ready for that. She uses her sensibility like a power. Her pleasure is producing and sharing music for dancing, chilling, flying, meditating, or whatever you feel like. One thing is certain, her music is always deep and emotional, regardless of the direction and speed of the music.