3000Grad / Kamai Music

Bonfante ‘is the result of a cultural mélange: raised between Spain and Germany, played in her early years classical & jazz before settling down in Berlin and dedicating completely to electronic music. This is the colourful background of Bonfante ‘s organic and filigrane style.
Her awaited debut release „Back from Finisterre“ was airplayed in German radios, collected great feedback and hit Beatport Charts reaching the top #3 in the „Electronica/ Downtempo“ and the top #7 „Melodic House & Techno“ Beatport charts!
Her sets nowadays range from 105 to 120 bpm, covering the more grooveful part of the downtempo genre and travelling then with the audience into the more danceful and powerful midtempo field. Bonfante’s music selection is full of surprises, dynamics, bassdriven sounds and a particular passion for melodies -sometimes with a dreamy twist, sometimes with a harder touch or with some spicy world music elements in it. For every set, Bonfante dives deep into her particular musical imaginarium to bring out a soul driven musical journey of a kind!.