San Marco

Way back in 1992 in Rimini, San Marco encountered house music for the very first time. It was love at first kick. A love that has grown deeper and stronger every day, the magic of the DJ as an artist who gets the dancing crowd into different moods. This touched him so much that he instantly had to get his first MK2 turntables. Back then there were no CDs or files cheap and easy to get so his entire little salary he earned during his apprenticeship went merciless for the black gold that has meant the world to him.

In 2000 he relocated to Zurich which always has been a party hotspot in the world. Rapidly he gained a foothold and ever since he belongs to Zurich's DJ Olympus. In all the major clubs Zurich has ever had he was among the residents or at least he belonged to the artists most frequently booked.

His style of changing from the minimalist soundscapes to techy beat structures, without never loosing the house sexyness. His dry, hypnotic groove of pumping pushing at the same time, he skillfully spices up again with more musical elements. Funky and sexy are the stories he tells without ever being cheap.

Finally San Marco began to produce music himself. After the "Wild Pets EP" released on Superfancy in 2008 he became a little bit quieter. But San Marco is back now - more than ever before - spending a lot of his time in his sound paradise where promptly appear a potion on Bar25 in a Swiss Compilation and in May a remix of Socks and Sandas from Format:B on Formatik.

In 2010 San Marco opened with 5 close friends the club Frieda's Büxe in Zurich. A small but fine location which has caught full attention within short time. Even outside of Switzerland and this not only because this place sounds so incredibly well.

San Marco's experience and his incomparable groove bestows you an unforgettable night.