Sophie Le Meillour

Sophie Le Meillour is an independent transmedia visual artist. Born in 1988 in Toulouse, Sophie has lived and worked in Geneva since 2009.

Digital art and textures inspired by the natural world are at the heart of his universe.

She explores the different layers of our aesthetic perception of the living world, collects images here and during her travels, which she then transforms into new visual experiences.

Her work challenges traditional artistic dichotomies: organic vs. artificial and analog art vs. digital. She experiences the prism of the image; from line to movement, from small to large, from flat to volume, she plays with scales, spaces and architecture.

Her creations can take the form of drawings, photos, videos, installations, virtual reality and even ceramics. She develops an immersive and dreamlike work of her own, which she confronts and likes to tie to the work of other artists and performing arts disciplines.