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Innellea – a neologism; created in reference to the musical reinvention of the duo. Not restrained or bound by conventions, Innellea’s visions and impressions are visibly transferred into their music. The duo is creating their personal journey to reach an undefined destination, without a lack of impetus.

Michael and Daniel from Munich invented Innellea in 2014 and straight moved on to spread their new sound. Both coming from other projects, they wanted to combine their talents and create something new. Influenced by melodic trends in the electronic music, they found their way to combine it with the roots of Techno in a very creative way and came up with their own abstract sound.

Rewarded by the Groove Magazine’s readers as one of the best newcomers in 2017, they fulfilled the listener’s expectations. In 2018 they hit a nail with their Fusion Set 2018 showing the audience the reinvented sound of Innellea. Followed by requests for their DJ and live sets world wide, Innellea released on several labels and their was spread by several DJs around the globe. Daniel’s and Michael’s ambition to provide perfectly mixed tracks and merger clubsound and intelligent music, catapulted them into the focus of the top league and the duo is still at the beginning of their musical journey.