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Vox Low

Paris / France

(Born Bad Records)

“There seemed astrange stillness over everything; but as I listened I heard as iffrom  down below in the valley the howling of many wolves. TheCount’s eyes gleamed, and he said: ‘Listen to them—the childrenof the night. What music they make!’”  Dracula.Bram Stocker. 1897.

Far from lazy liveperformances on Ableton, Vox Low is like an acid-house version of theJesus & Mary Chain on stage. After having been the heartthrobs ofAndrew Weatherall (whom they’ve remixed), after being remixed bythe black angel Ivan Smagghe, after releasing maxi-singles onJennifer Cardini’s techno label and on the brilliant Evrlst, VoxLow is now turning up on an insolently rock’n’roll label. Whichis just logical, being one of the few bands able to stylishly surfbetween 60s rockabilly influences and cold, minimal techno fromaround Cologne or Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten Station. A dark,poisonous, nihilist and erudite sound for those who worship PrimalScream’s “Screamadelica” and Gary Numan, who stand in line atthe Berghaim with their pockets empty but their heads full of ideals.

Vox Low are a bunchof greasers from the Porte de St Ouen, with Jean-Christophe Couderc(vocals and synth) and Benoît Raymond (legendary bass guitar,guitar, synth), joined by Mathieu Autin (infernal drums and voodoopercussions) and Guillaume Léglise (savage SG guitar, synths aswell) for setting up live performances. Indeed for Vox Low, stageperformance is a founding act. It even has to do with pure ceremony,which quickly brought the band its cult aura. Seeing the combo onstage is an act of faith, a celebration of dark forces. 2019 finalylive on stage as a full band at Lethargy Festival.